How do I create an account?

You will need to go the 'Register' page to create your account. You will need to have a valid email address which will also be your username and you will also be asked to create a password. Your password must contain a number and be a minimum of 8 characters. Once you have entered the details for your account we'll send you an email with a link which will activate your account.

I've created an account but haven't received my account verification email. What do I do?

You will need to select the 'Forgot your password' link and enter your email and continue. You should then receive an email with a link to unlock your account.

Please check your e-mail client is not blocking the emails coming through or that it is not in your junk mail folder. There is also a chance that it can be blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or email provider. If you have entered an invalid or incorrect email address you will need to register again.

I have just registered. What next?

You should now be able to do the following.

  1. Create your organisation profile
  2. Connect through StreamJobs to various social media channels.
  3. Create Job Descriptions and Job Videos.
  4. Post Job Videos to social media.

How should I create my organisation profile?

For organisation profile creation, refer the 'Organisation profile' help section.

Are my login credential safe?

Yes. StreamJobs uses a strong encryption algorithm to encrypt your password. Hence, you can be rest assured that your credentials are safe.

Trial Account

Do I need to give my card details for registering to Trial account?

No, you do not require card details to register for Trial package

I am on Trial account. How can I upgrade?

You can upgrade by going to upgrade page. On upgrade page you can choose the right package to upgrade to.

Organisation profile

How to create an organisation profile?

To create an organisation profile, follow below steps

  1. Login to your account and browse to Edit Profile' area by clicking on 'Edit Profile' menu item.
  2. On reaching the Edit Profile area, enter details such as company name, website address, contact no, and enter details about the company in 'about us' area. Import company logo preferably of 150 x 150 pixel size and click save.
  3. Enter company mission statement and value under 'Values'tab and customer testimonials and awards and recognition under 'Customer Feedback' tab.

After creating the profile, the organisation details will be used and shown in every job description created by the organisation automatically.

Why should I create company profile?

The creation of company profile is not mandatory. However it will be good to show case your organisation to potential candidates. All the details entered in the company profile automatically are shown along with the Job Descriptions shared with the candidates.

I am not interested in adding all the details of organisation. Can I pick and choose?

You can also pick and choose which are you want to choose and which you not.

Job description

How can I create a job description?

Follow the below steps to create a new job description.

  1. Login to your account and browse to Edit Profile' area by clicking on 'Edit Profile' menu item.
  2. Navigate to Jobs section by clicking on 'Jobs' menu link.
  3. Click on 'Add Job' button to create a new job.
  4. Enter the job details such as Job title, experience, function, employment type, location, job description, desired skills.
  5. Enter your email address or link to you job page if externally available in "How candidates apply" section and click submit.
  6. On submitting, you would be directed to 'Administer Job' area where you can edit, record a video, preview public page of the job and publish the job to social media.

How can I administration a Job?

Follow the below steps to administer newly created job

  1. Select 'Edit Job' tab to edit the job details. Edit details and click 'Save'.
  2. Select 'Record Video' tab to record a Job Video. Attach a Job Video to a Job.
  3. Select 'Preview' tab to previw the job page that will be seen by the candidates.
  4. Select 'Public' tab and click 'Preview LinkedIn' to preview the job and click 'Post' button to post job.

How can I create a new job video?

A job video can be created for a specific job only. Once a job is created, you can create a job video through 'Record video' tab.

Follow the below steps on 'Record video' tab screen to record a new Job video.

  1. Enter a job video title.
  2. Enter Speaker details such as name, designation and role.
  3. Select a duration for a video. By default 60 secs is selected.
  4. Select option to use previously uploaded company logo (while creating organisation profile) or choose a new one from your hard drive.
  5. Choose if you want logo to be shown pre roll, post roll or both.
  6. Add some text that in 'Add summary' section. This text is appended in the end of of the video just before logo post roll. This can be used to pass on a specific message to the audience.
  7. Click on 'start recording' button. Talk about the job. Click on 'stop recording' button once done.
  8. Click on 'play' button to review the raw video recorded.
  9. If you are happy with raw video, click on upload button. This step will convert a raw video to a branded video.
  10. Once video is recorded, video is shown under Review section on the page.
  11. Review the branded final video by clicking on review link next to recorded video.
  12. Once happy, select the video and attach it to the job.


Do you store my card details?

No. StreamJobs does not keep card details. The payment is taken through Stripe Payment Gateway which is PCI-DSS compliant and very safe.

I understand you do not store my card details. But I still need to enter on your payment page. Is it safe?

StreamJobs uses SSL certificate on payment page to encrypt the details passed over the network. Thus your card details are completely safe.

Troubleshoot issues

Social Media

On clicking on LinkedIn button, StreamJobs connects to a LinkedIn profile by default without asking me my credentials. How can I connect using a different account?

StreamJobs uses the credential from the browser before asking for credential. It is highly likely that you have got a linkedin connection over a browser session which is open. It is recommended that you close that browser section and try again.