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Advertising with video works much better

Job Video Driven Recruitment

StreamJobs is first to offer employers and recruiters the ability to use video channel to promote their jobs

Present your job video to attract talent

  • Video makes your job posting stand out
  • Communicate the message better.
  • Improve and promote your employer branding
  • Hire the right candidate.

About Us

StreamJobs is a recruitment solution provider based in London, UK. Streamjobs specialises in enabling organistions and recruitment agencies leverage their social media connections to recruit the right talent - fast!.

About Us

StreamJobs enables organisations and recruitment agencies create job description videos and leverage their social media connections to market them on social media to find and recruit the right talent. StreamJobs enables recruiters to:

Market their brand
Market the brand to the candidates.
Fasten the recruitment process
Video channel leads to more traffic to job posting and generate better converstion rate from candidates.
Recruit the right talent for the job
Video enables message to stick and helps to inform the candidates quicker and better improving the possiblity of hiring the right talent.

How it works

For Organisations recruiting candidates, we can help you market your brand and the vacancy together. So why wait? Follow simple steps below and create a free profile to market your vacancies.

Step 1 - Create your profile
  • Create a new account.
  • Add your company details such as about us, values etc.
  • Configure your company's social media (LinkedIn) details.
Step 2 - Create new job descriptions and videos
  • Create a branded job description.
  • Create a branded job video for a job.
  • Attach job video to a job description to stand out.
Step 3 - Publish job descriptions to Social Media
  • Publish job descriptions to LinkedIn.
  • Publish job descriptions to Facebook.
  • Publish job descriptions to Twitter (coming soon).
  • Reach out to most suitable candidates.
Step 4 - Recieve applications from candidates
  • Generate applications from most suitable candidates.
  • Recruit the best talent.


Free (for first 3 months)
  • Free posting of upto 10 jobs.
  • Free creation of company profile.
  • Free posting of upto 10 branded job videos.
  • Limited customer support.
£79.99 Monthly
  • Post upto 50 jobs per month.
  • Free creation of company profile.
  • Post upto 50 branded job videos per month.
  • Unlimited customer support.

Oodles Technologies

Oodles Technologies is digital marketing and technology service startup with focus on providing end-to-end solutions implemented using creative and pioneering technology.

The Team

We're proud of our team which always strives hard to deliver contagious success and desired results to our respective clients.

    Jaspreet Puri founded StreamJobs. He currently acts as an Advisor. He is MBA from London Business School and has 16 years of IT industry experience.

    Jaspreet also has a Master’s Degree in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. He has worked for engineering and developer roles in telecoms at Ericsson, T-Mobile and Vodafone, as well as in energy (Centrica) and IT consulting.

    Jaspreet brings extensive technical skills to StreamJobs, including web development and programming skills.

  • Maneesh is Senior Architect and CEO of Oodles Technologies and Development Partner

    Maneesh has 16 years of experience in industry with specialities in Software product architecture, Map Reduce, Hadoop, Groovy on Grails.

    Maneesh brings his vast architecture and development knowledge and leads the developement of product as a development partner of StreamJobs

    Shweta is Masters in Computer Application and has more than 5 years experience in Business Development.

    She has independently lead the business development for media channel in UK. She brings vast experience in leading the sales for StreamJobs

    In her free time she volunteers as a class representative for primary class in one of local schools.


Contact Us

We are always ready to help you out regarding all you queries. Send us a message via the form below or you can email or call us.

Call Us

+44 7743967534

Office Location

93, Cavendish Avenue, West Ealing, London W13 0JY, UK

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